With the arrival of December, the agenda begins to fill up with commitments. We have meals with family, drinks with friends and, of course, we can’t miss the company events. This is a great opportunity for employees to get to know each other better and to share in a less rigid environment than they usually do. Corporate Christmas events are ideal times for employees to relate in a different way, without the formality of the corporate thing that is part of everyday life.

humour show

The problem is that it is increasingly difficult to do something that surprises and remains in the memory at corporate events. It is not easy to get out of the typical plan of sitting down to eat, have a drink and maybe dance a little. After a while, people don’t remember any significant details about company dinners, and it’s a shame because with a little creativity you can do very nice and fun things.

I’m sure this year you want to do something different to prevent the annual company dinner from going unappreciated, something that lends itself to the interaction and sharing of colleagues like never before. Most likely you want something that promotes humour so that good vibes take over the party. Don’t keep thinking about it, caricatures for corporate events are a quick, simple and fun way to make corporate meetings stick in the minds of those who attend.

Caricaturas en vivo en evento corporativo

There are several ways you can incorporate a caricaturist into your event. It can be a single caricature artist or several depending on the dynamic that is designed. The size of the groups also has a great influence on what can be done. A large group lends itself to more complex dynamics, and even a caricaturist can capture the funniest moments. Imagine that something funny happens during a game, and they have a graphic memory of what happened. It will be the topic of conversation for a long time in the office.

Caricaturista para fiestas y eventos

How can I incorporate the live caricatures into my event? We’ll give you some ideas:

  • Raffles. When attendees enter the venue they receive a ticket with a number to win prizes at some point during the night. Among the prizes, you can draw a caricature made on the spot.
  • Contests. you can play question and answer games, competitions between different teams, etc. The winners will receive an individual or group caricature. Another modality is that the caricaturist works on capturing some group scene while the participants are playing. This will leave a nice memory of that moment.
  • “Free buffet” caricatures. The cocktail or the party after the meal is the ideal moment to toast the attendees with this surprising detail. A live caricature artist can draw up to 15 caricatures per hour so several caricaturists will be able to portray dozens of guests during your event.
Caricaturas en evento  de navidad

Benefits of hiring a caricature artist for your next corporate event:

  • A caricaturist will surprise the audience and help to break the ice and encourage conversation between the workers of the different departments. It is an action based on humour that generates pleasant climates and strengthens ties.
  • The live caricatures are a unique personalized memory that remains in time. Most of the corporate gifts are very popular and they are piled up in drawers. A caricature will not leave anyone indifferent as it is something unique and personal. Surprise your assistants with a gift that many of them will put in their office or home. A caricature is a memory for life.
  • Positive Virality. Employees would have something nice and emotionally charged to take home. People usually come home from work tired and unloading negative things that happened to them at work. Coming out of Christmas dinner with a live caricature would be an opportunity to share a fun moment with family and friends. In addition, many of them will post it on their social networks and even digitize it and put it on their profile picture.
  • The caricatures are a team building activity. Laughter is an instant generator of happiness and productivity, so the atmosphere at this corporate party will make it easier for the whole team to interact in the year ahead. An integrated and harmonious team is more productive.
Caricaturas en vivo en fiesta de empresa

Our experience in company events and corporate meetings makes us convinced that there is a world of options to be explored. A live caricature artist at the party can be the beginning of a great atmosphere to celebrate the achievements of the year that is ending and the challenges of the coming cycle. Breaking with formality and giving space to play, laughter and group interaction can be what you’re looking for to put a spin on that special Christmas dinner. The relaxed atmosphere of this celebration will make your imagination fly and interesting projects can be born for the coming year. Remember that all the resources you allocate to your team are a safe investment, which will have a return on their performance.

Caricaturistas para eventos y fiestas de empresa

If you are looking for someone to make caricatures in Madrid, Seville, Granada or any other corner of Spain, we have a team of professional artists with extensive experience to give a touch of humour to your Christmas party. Visit our web page Caricature Show, there you will be able to see samples of our work, the companies we have had a relationship with and all the ideas we have to make your event an unforgettable moment.

Caricatue artists for Christmas events

The Christmas spirit helps to smooth out the rough edges between colleagues and strengthen ties. Don’t miss out on the occasion and have your guests dance to the sound of caricatures at your party.

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By Z. Fernández.

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