Neuromarketing makes it clear that the winning advertising strategy is face to face marketing. So important is to publicize the product or service as to let them try it or experience it in the flesh.


Advertising live caricature artist event

Youtube Video

First-person entertainment, surprise your audience and gift an emotive caricature

In this new era of relational marketing, people buy from brands that generate conversational connections that convince more than their competitor. What better way to do this than in a customized way? With Caricatura Show you will crown that peak that no competitor has yet reached.

Street marketing with caricaturist

Live caricature artists for promotional event Orange Spain

Live caricature for company events

Live caricature for event in Malaga

Live entertainment
Call effect
Personalized swag

Caricaturist for one to one marketing

Live caricatures.
Humour relaxes the soul

Is there anything more human than laughter?
Project a brand image that’s fresh, young and fun. Connect with the public and generate a spontaneous relationship. An experiential marketing campaign that will boost your brand name.

Caricature at Berlin event

Caricature street marketing Berlin

Street live caricature artist

Caricatures optical promotion in Malaga

emotional marketing sensorial

A face to face, powerful and fun activity

Win customers through a conversational thread of graphic rhetoric and happy grins.
The consumption dial shifts between 100% rational and 100% emotional. Find the sweet spot and start tuning in with your consumer.

Face to face marketing caricature artist

Live caricatures shopping mall Madrid

Caricature for kids

Caricatures Malaga shopping centre

street marketing

Visual brand awareness and call effect

The caricatures will attract the attention of your audience and will lure them to your sales stand.
People love to see these types of activities because of their artistic value and speed. Perhaps, the most profitable five minutes of your brand for its long-lasting effect in your clients.

Live caricature event company

Live caricature Amsterdam event promotion

Caricature at Christmas event

Caricatures at Christmas event London

Street-marketing caricatures, high impact advertising

Outdoor advertising campaigns, sales stands and crowds are the best places to publicize and promote your product or service. Implementing experiential activities and direct contact with the end-user is the desired goal of all brands.
An intervention in the street, which will give the best ROI to any operation manager, the ace up your sleeve for that star activity you have in mind.

Street caricature artist

Advertising caricaturist Rome Smöoy promotion

Fast drawing caricature

Caricatures Madrid promotion event

live creativity

Launch and presentations of new products

Launching a new product into the market requires all inputs for incorporation. Add some swag to your corporate event and it will be the best start of your launch.

Shopping night art marketing performance
Personalized caricature gift

Live caricature artist Madrid Fashion´s Night Out

Advertising sponsorship events

Caricatura Show, the best idea for a sponsorship or loyalty event. Increase the brand awareness and reputation of your product and your brand. Identity and visibility for your company. Click here to learn more about live caricatures for sports events.

Event marketing with live caricatures

Live caricaturist Marbella Nikki Beach Club event

humour branding

Stylish merchandising, brand awareness over time

“An image is worth more than a thousand words,” so much so that the corporate and advertising brand image must convey what we want to communicate to our audience.
Wherever the caricature ends up so will be your brand name and the feelings you left that day. Is there anything better than associating your brand with joy, fun and happiness?

Caricature artist in Vienna

Live caricature shopping mall Vienna

Caricature in shopping centre

Live caricature Shopping Centre promotion

happy gift

Live caricature artists.
Below-The-Line Marketing

Use forms of communication aimed at specific consumers. Get the user’s attention employing unusual marketing methods. Make your advertising more effective.
BTL marketing uses high doses of creativity, a pinch of surprise and a touch of opportunity. Take a fresh approach to promote your product and service. Is there anything more creative and flashy than a live caricature?

Face to face marketing caricaturist

Live caricaturist Below-The-Line promotion – Art Marketing

Live digital caricature.
The best way to predict the future is to invent it

In today’s era everything is digital. Why not use this to impress your focus audience. The latest trend, mixing art and technology in advertising events. Caricatura Show offers you live caricatures in digital format. Creativity 2.0 “in situ” that will make sure your brand name stands out.


Promotions on social networks: interaction & virality

Screen projection

Instant printing

Live digital caricature artist

Live digital caricaturist London event

iPad caricatures art

Live digital caricatures on iPad for Harrods event


Caring smiles. Caricatures for charity events

Caricatura Show is a reliable advertising activity that will attract users to a strategic point in a charity event. In addition to being an excelent entertaining activity that will liven up cocktails, transfers or activity changes. In just 5 minutes we´ll have your audience engaged.

Be creative! Give your ideas carte blanche.

Live caricature at corporate party
Black and white caricature

Live caricatures Barcelona solidarity event 

Illustrations for shop interiors, shop windows and facades

“Hand Painted Store”, the latest trend in window dressing. Hand-painted illustrations on the walls and glass of a store to create an attractive, sensory and emotional environment that captures the public’s interest. We use decorative and persuasive elements and visual resources such as Story Telling Visuals to tell stories that sell products.

Live caricature artist shop

Below-The-Line advertising | Street-Marketing Madrid Fashion´s Night

More than 15 years of experience drawing for clients such as:



What do clients think?

  • From our talent acquisition platform, we were able to discover the artists of Caricatura Show for a series of street-marketing promotions for a famous beverage brand. Very fast and talented caricaturists.
    Sara LazrakFounder of Talent Jam

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